26 Dec, 2017

Steven Holl unveils office clad in colorful photovoltaic glass for Doctors Without Borders

Steven Holl unveils office clad in colorful photovoltaic glass for Doctors Without Borders

Green Building Materials, Construction & Design | SWITZERLAND | 03 Nov, 2017
Published by : Eco Media Asia

Steven Holl Architects just beat out a slew of other firms with plans for the new Doctors Without Borders headquarters in Geneva. The energy-efficient “Colors of Humanity” building features an innovative facade made of multi-hued photovoltaic glass and it’s topped with a lush green roof.

The New York-based architect’s design was chosen over various proposals from architecture firmsaround the world. According to Mathieu Soupart, Logistics Director for the MSF Operational Centre Geneva, the winning design best represents the MSF ethos of community: “Steven Holl Architects’ project is the opportunity for MSF to integrate its core values like independence, impartiality, neutrality, altruism and dynamism in a challenging new architecture and project itself in the future.”


The massive photovoltaic facade, which is 40% transparent, pulls double duty: it produces up to 72% of the building’s energy needs and creates an interior framework for the community inside. Solar panels will also be installed on the building’s roof, sharing space with a large roof-top garden. Additionally, the innovative glass wall system is “open ended,” which means the building could be expanded in the future if need be.



The inside layout is focused on the needs of the MSF community, and each individual space is designated by its color. Designed to foster interaction, the building has various circulation paths where workers and visitors can take a break in one of the many seating alcoves. This design feature was strategic to encourage community collaboration: “These centers serve as a friendly catalyst for interaction, acting like social condensers within the building.”

Article from inhabitat.com

by Nicole Jewell