Fabric Textile Duct DuctSox in Indonesia by Tawada CleanTech


Why is your product Green?

DuctSox Fabric Duct and Diffuser Systems have many advantages and benefits, many of which are green and can be helpful in attaining LEED credits. DuctSox fabric duct is recyclable and other green benefits are:
- Improved air quality
- Reduced solid waste
- Conserved resources
- Lower construction costs
- Lower operating costs
- Improved productivity
- Healthy environment

Product / Service Description

DuctSox is a manufacturer of fabric duct / textile duct for open and finished ceiling architecture, critical environments and under floor applications. DuctSox is represented by Tawada CleanTech for Indonesia market and projects. Tawada CleanTech is one stop solution supplier for green building and technology in Indonesia.

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