The New ECO-HEAT® Smart Internal Load Bank from Watlow


Product / Service Description

Low exhaust gas temperatures (resulting from low load or low ambient conditions) can compromise the performance of your diesel generator’s aftertreatment system and eventually lead to unplanned downtime and expensive repairs. Whether your aftertreatment configuration has a DPF, an SCR or just a DOC, Watlow’s ECO-HEAT system delivers reliable electric heat that can quickly raise the exhaust gas temperature to the correct level.

Designed to be installed in the exhaust pipe, the ECO-HEAT system places heat directly where it is needed. It uses electricity from your diesel generator to operate when exhaust gas temperatures are too low. Unlike an external load bank that requires additional space and wastes heat to the surrounding environment, the ECO-HEAT system is compact and efficient. You can think of it as a smart internal load bank for your diesel generator.