HMX-PCU-F: fresh air pre-cooling


Product / Service Description

An innovative technology product that supplies filtered, conditioned, and fresh air in designated areas. The PCU-F is an energy-efficient solution for once-through and fresh air cooling applications in industries such as pharma, foods, beverages, automobiles, etc.

Often, fresh air needs to be pumped in to corridors and/or lobbies to maintain a required level of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). Also for various process requirements, 100% fresh conditioned air (once-through applications) is required. Cooling of fresh air through conventional air conditioning is a highly energy intensive process; but PCU-F meets this requirement in the most energy efficient manner. This system has ‘Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IEC)’ at the 1st stage for sensible cooling and then an AC coil (DX/CW) at the 2nd stage. By incorporating IEC at the 1st stage, substantial energy savings can be gained.

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