Mentari Alam EKO : MAEKO Food Waste Composter


Why is your product Green?

Mentari Alam EKO (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a corporation devoted to solving problems associated with municipal waste Project Consultancy, Planning, Installation and Operation management, Engineering and Design for Environmental protections, Waste Solutions Technology and Resources Technologies. We sell food waste machine (Food Waste Composter, MAEKO composter, food waste composter) and support organic waste management, food waste digester.

Product / Service Description

MAEKO provides food waste composting solution with the characteristic as below:-

Fast (in 24 hours or less)
No Foul Odor
Compost can be used as natural fertilizer for gardening and farming
Saves usage of space
We use friendly micro-organism (to bio-degrade)
Low maintenance

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