Traceable, handmade scarf


Why is your product Green?

Our clothing is created by hand using skills that have passed down the generations. These skills, such as hand weaving and block printing, are virtually carbon free so very environment friendly. Our dyeing processes are also by hand using vats so less water is used and less waste too. All our dues are non toxic. We work with ethically run cooperatives and are a Fairtrade business. Our products are all traceable so customers can find out how what they buy has been made and who was involved.

Product / Service Description

Our beautiful scarves have all been hand woven from hand spun, pure cotton. The fabric we use in our scarves is called 'khadi', a cotton weave made famous by Mahatma Gandhi in his struggle for Indian independence when he encouraged Indians to weave their own cotton rather than buy imported fabric. Our fabric is then hand dyed and block printed (by hand!) with the design. We have 15 different designs, from elephants to ants, on a wide range of colour background. Each scarf comes with a code on its label. The customer simply needs to enter the code into our website to explore their scarf's creation journey including how it was made and the people involved in making it.