HydroFlex Lime and Rust Remover


Product / Service Description

Hydroflex Lime & Rust Remover Gel is based on the latest technology. It is an entirely new breed of stain remover for use on ceramic, glass, enamel, concrete, stone and many plastics.
Containing no acids, alkalis, bleaches or solvents, it is suitable for the safe and easy removal of even the most stubborn rust stains and lime deposits – it even works on soap scum or urine-contaminated stone. Stains are removed by an unique process where the remover penetrates through the stain to bring it to the surface. Here it is gently dissolved. No abrasive effort is required. Dissolved residues are simply rinsed away with plain water, leaving sparkling clean surfaces free of residues and streaks.
Hydroflex Lime & Rust Remover Gel comes ready to use and is easy to apply.

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