Ecosteryl Medical Waste Treatment Centre :: Cenviro Malaysia


Product / Service Description

AMB concluded a partnership with the Malaysian company Cenviro (member of UEM -­‐ United Engineers Malaysia Berhad -­‐ Group) for the sale, implementation, staff training, and follow-­‐up of AMB's Ecosteryl technologies around the country.
UEM-­‐Cenviro, which is in charge of waste management services in the whole of Malaysia, numbers about 2.000 employees. It is controlled by the government-­‐owned Khazanah Nasional Berhad holding, which regroups several important economic actors of Malaysia such as KL Airport, and employs close to 200.000 persons.

In this video, you will visit an ultramodern treatment centre belonging to an environmental services company, which chose AMB Ecosteryl because of its leading technology, to treat the medical waste from hospitals, veterinary clinics, and medical research laboratories.