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Zero Emission Transport

Product / Service Description

The Z.E.T which stands for Zero Emission Transport is DreamEDGE's answer to an efficient and green people mover for our fast growing cities where green public transportation solutions are crucial, an all-electric powered vehicle driven by electric motor with the use of rechargeable batteries as its main power source along with auxiliary power support by solar panel on the roof designed to complement the green initiative i.e. to reduce the greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions.

Equipped with air-conditioning, GPS navigation & vehicle tracking system, remote live CCTV monitoring, digital infotainment interface, integrated side & rear view cameras as well as disabled access friendly are amongst the features packed in the ZET.

Designed to carry up to eight (8) passengers with panoramic glass windows to allow them to enjoy the spectacular views wherever they go. ZET is targeted for use as a shuttle, for short tour or trips either at special events, airports, universities, tourist hotspot

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