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Why is your product Green?

NEUTO™ is the world first patented Smart Hydrogen Dry Cleaning System that can effectively DIAGNOSE, PRESCRIBE, MONITOR and CLEAN the car engine with pure and dry Hydrogen Gas stored in the Solid State Metal Hydride Canister. It is exclusively invented for vehicles running on Internal Combustion Engines.

Product / Service Description

NEUTO™ DRY HYDROGEN AUTO-THERAPY ™ is the cleaning service and treatment provided by NEUTO™ system. Dry Hydrogen Auto-Therapy™ removes stubborn micro molecular carbon layers at hard to reach places like air manifolds, piston rings, valves, and spark plugs without causing any damage to the car engine wall and components in the engine. NEUTO ™ Dry Hydrogen Auto Therapy™ can naturally cleanse the car engine in the most sustainable organic way.

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