Dhybrid Fuel Reduction System with Solar Energy at Thailand's The Racha Yai Island Resorts


Why is your product Green?

The luxury resort on Racha Yai Island invests in solar diesel hybrid energy supply for a green future.
- 120,000 liters of diesel fuel saved every year.
- 295 tons of CO2 emissions avoided every year.

Product / Service Description

DHYBRID has developed the Fuel Reductions System to enable the direct integration of photovoltaic energy into existing or new diesel power plants on an industrial scale.
From small applications right through to the MW range, the DHYBRID Fuel Reduction System guarantees a stable and reliable energy supply at all times.
Using a maximum share of photovoltaic energy, it significantly reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from 10% up to 100% depending of the chosen plant concept!

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