Fuji Xerox's Used Products Recycling Process


Product / Service Description

Fuji Xerox’s used products include multi-function devices, printers and cartridges which are collected from different channels and stock at Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Drop-in Service and Recycling Center located at Tsuen Wan. Collected products will be segregated into 15 categories of materials and will be shipped to Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing Center in Thailand.

Upon arrival at the center, the weight of parts will be checked and proceed with further sorting. A high standard disassembly process is deployed. Recycled materials eventually become 88 categories of raw materials for usage, including iron, aluminum, lenses, glass, copper and plastic, such as ABS resin. This is the "Visible Green Initiative". Fuji Xerox will continue achieving the Zero Landfill Goal.

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