Creating a Plan to Reduce the Cost and Eco-footprint of ICT Operations


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According to some studies, the costs associated with power and cooling a datacenter can add up to about 65 percent of its costs, over its life. That’s a figure that should make every CIO sit up and pay attention.
As more businesses demand that their CIOs control both the costs of their data centers, and shrink their carbon footprints, it’s become imperative to figure out strategies towards this end.
In this episode of The Green Crusaders, watch Srikanth Mattipalli, IT Director, Tyco International; Ravinder Pal Singh, Global CIO, Air Works India; and Hariharan Balasubramanian Country Sales Manager, Services Vertical, Enterprise Business, Schneider Electric, talk about the need for more power monitoring tools and how IT can get enterprise buy-in for these ideas.

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