Sol-Bright Tech Solar Panel Intelligent Cleaning Robot


Product / Service Description

* Removes 99% of soiling pollution on photovoltaic panels.
*10-20 meters per minutes, which is 1800-3600 square meters per hour on a 3 meters’ wide component.
*Tested in large solar power stations, our robots improve 7-15% of their electricity generation rate.
*Add tracks only in between components for robots transfer freely, fewer robots for more panels.
*Full automatically operation to achieve zero manual cost.
*No added supplemental costs such as water, electricity, etc.
*Customers can gain back their investment within 6-18 months. Income continuously improves year after year.
*All robots can be controlled and monitored by a master application on a computer or mobile device.
*Self-alarm system and can show on the CCS computer when robots are not functioning well, needed no routing manual check.
*Can scheduled robot to run automatically during the night to avoid shadowing.