Solar Farm Mouting Robots : Alion Mounting System (AMS) by Alion Energy United States


Product / Service Description

The typical installation process for utility scale projects is labor-intensive, long and prone to logistical and quality problems. Despite incremental improvements, the installation process is fundamentally flawed because it relies on components largely designed for small, residential roof systems. While these flaws are minor within a 20 panel system, they can create major problems for 20,000 panel systems.

At Alion Energy, we designed a better process that can build utility scale PV projects twice as fast and with less than half the labor. Leveraging established construction techniques, Alion Energy uses extruded concrete rails to replace metal posts, racks and cable trenches found in conventional installations. Automatically deposited, powerful adhesives replace all bolts and clips.

ROVER, our robotic installation vehicle, replaces manual labor for rack assembly and panel placement. ROVER works continuously, using a fraction of the labor, while increasing speed and quality.