Forsi Innovations : Forsi Carwash System ( Carwash Water Filtration Solution )


Why is your product Green?

Environmentally friendly: Recycles 100% of water

Product / Service Description

The Forsi Car Wash System is ideal for New Zealand, Australia and virtually anywhere else. Anyone considering putting a car wash in, should consider this system.
Developed in response to demand for waste water compliance, Forsi offers another market leading response.
For environmentally friendly results, for payback, and for good business, Forsi’s Car Wash System is the answer.

* Environmentally friendly: Recycles 100% of water
*Saves money on waste disposal costs
*Offers a 3-5 year investment recovery
*Has a small footprint: Unit is approximately 15 sq. metres.
*Low maintenance: Operators just keep an eye on a few of the dials and pressures and gauges to make sure it’s all going smoothly.

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