Non Photocatalyst and bio-ninja solution for remove restroom/washroom bad odor


Why is your product Green?

Titanium phosphate (Titania) which have anti-biotec function, deodorizing. and stain-proofing effect in dark places without ray radiation has been developed by reaction phosphoric acid and titanium oxide which is known as ray active photo catalyst. Activated bay sun's ray (Ultra Violet ray) irradiation

Product / Service Description

By using Titania coating on all restroom's surface and Bio-Ninja.
Bio-Ninja has special enzyme., decompose, scale off and suppresses urinal stone.
It decomposes ammonia and reduces anaerobic bacteria causing bad smell (odor).
What is merit of Bio-Ninja?
# Friendly to environment
# Continuous deodorant effectiveness
# Good for saving water and prevent corrosion
# Easy handling

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