Nuaire IAQ BOX Carbon Filter Explainer Video


Product / Service Description

IAQ-BOX is a range of in-line carbon filters that remove up to 99.5% of nitrogen dioxide and other harmful pollutants from the air.

Air pollution, especially from traffic emissions, claims around 40,000 deaths each year, and contributes to asthma, heart disease and lung cancer. So those living in traffic-congested areas are most at risk.

We’re confident that IAQ-BOX takes carbon filtration a step further. The range offers the highest levels of air filtration and the lowest resistance levels on the market.

Optional PM10 and PM2.5 filters ensure that up to 80% of harmful particulate matter are removed, which further safeguards the health of the homeowner.

Our carbon filter media is held in one block rather than a row of individual filters, so replacement is quick and easy. And the filters have a four-year lifespan for lower maintenance.