Rare Metals Recovery


Why is your product Green?

Based on the needs of the customer is possible to create a customized system, with suitable characteristics to the process required. The system can design automatic, semi-automatic or manual system.

For this system, input material is spent catalyst. Output material type again depends on customers demands. Because Cobalt and Molybdenum can obtain in several different forms as a powder. With all can be in high purity powder or metal form.

Product / Service Description

Cobalt and Molybdenum metals are using mostly as a catalyst which used in the petroleum industry for removing sulfur from crude oil. After several operations, the catalyst goes spent catalyst. On this point, we are helping the customer for recover Cobalt and Molybdenum metals in high purities and high recovery rates.
Cobalt and Molybdenum metals also used as part of some metallic equipment. Our company provides the permanent solution in this field for the client. Cobalt can be found in Cobalt-Nickel forms.

Recovery Rate Of Molybdenum From Spent Catalyst >98,2
Recovery Rate Of Cobalt From Spent Catalyst > 98

Recovery Rate Of Molybdenum From Scrap >99
Recovery Rate Of Cobalt From From Scrap > 99

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