Veragon : Veragon V12 - Converting Air to Clean Drinking Water


Why is your product Green?

Producing clean fresh drinking water fro air.

Product / Service Description

The most abundant source of fresh water is in the atmosphere.
VERAGON replicates exactly what happens in nature, by simulating the dew point which allows the Veragon system to produce water continuously. Once the water is generated it is then mineralised through our unique mineralisation system.
In order to sterilise the water we use ozone and UV lights that, unlike other chemical water treatment methods such as chlorine, leaves no taste and it has no counter-indications for human health. Thanks to this highly efficient purification process and to our unique mineralisation system, the quality of the water we are able to generate with the Veragon machine meets all the requirements of the global water certification authorities , for example the World Health Organisation in accordance with the parameters set by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Rome 2007 and D.L. 2001 n. 31 Italy.

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