Neutralog Solar Monitoring System


Why is your product Green?

Whether your pricy solar panel rooftop is a gold collector or a dust collector depends on the system effectiveness and efficiency. Solar energy generation is affected by many factors including panel faulty, dirty panel, module temperature, weather condition and etc. With less than 5 % of your total investment, neutraLOG™-SOLAR monitors your system efficiency by acquiring data to the minutes.

Product / Service Description

NeutrLOG solar is the universal smart data logger for both inverters and sensor.And it support up to 8 inverters.It is compatible to most popular brands of On-Grid inverters with four direct 4-20mA weather sensor input ready for irradiance,wind,module and ambient temperature monitoring,making data acquisition simple and easy,and cost saving too.NeutraLog solar alone could fullfill all your solar pv monitoring needs.

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