Why is your product Green?

* High efficiency providing substantial energy saving
* Low energy consumption, immediately save as much as 60%.
* Long lifetime reducing maintenance needs & costs.
* Low operating temperature creating.

Product / Service Description

VSL LED high bay is equipped with high end components, Cree chips, and Meanwell driver. One of the main advantages of VSL LED high bay is long life span (50,000 hrs) which means less replacement and maintenance requirements which can result in significant cost savings. In addition, high energy efficiency of LED not only translates into energy saving, but is also result in saving more electricity (>50%). Our LED products are environmentally safe because LED sources are mercury-free, no emitted infrared or ultraviolet radiation (generate no heat). In term of light’s quality, VSL LED high bay has better ability to render colours due to its high CRI (70 Ra). At last, VSL LED high bay not only instant on/off, but frequent switching will not affect its life span.