Simon Solar Farm at Georgia - 38.6 Mwp Solar Power Plant


Product / Service Description

Phoenix Solar Inc. was the responsible EPC contractor for planning and executing this 38.6 MWp Solar Power Plant in Social Circle, GA. The system is owned by the developer and IPP Silicon Ranch Corp. - A Nashville based developer and independent power producer.

Phoenix Solar already partnered with Silicon Ranch in 2012 to built the landmark 9.5 MW Volkswagen Chattanooga Solar Park.

Silicon Ranch Corporation ("Silicon Ranch") develops and operates commercial and large scale solar facilities. Silicon Ranch is distinguished from other developers by its ability to deliver a green energy solution that addresses the environmental, business and work force issues associated with successfully expanding solar capacity and green jobs. Silicon Ranch has gained prominence as a low cost producer of solar energy by focusing on creating efficiencies through every step of the deployment process thereby increasing capital investments in clean energy.

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