DreamEDGE Electric 3 Wheel TVC


Why is your product Green?

Fully electric operated with zero pollution like fossil engine.

Product / Service Description

This funky three wheeler electric bike concept is introduced to demonstrate that Electric Vehicles or more commonly known as EVs are fun to have and to ride. Off course we could go on and on describing the advantages of EVs, but let's just point these out: this electric three wheeler, powered by three in-wheel motors is incredibly exciting to ride; the immediate sense of torque coupled with its great performance would definitely thrill even the most demanding rider out there. Designed and built for leisure; the bike also provides the opportunity for those whom are unable to ride on two wheels, for whatever reasons, to fully experience the one of a kind freedom that biking offers.

Zipping around in comfort and leisure whilst experiencing the freedom & excitement of a bike ride is sure to become your new favourite way to get around. The bike also have a lower maintenance costs and of course, all those warm and fuzzy feelings towards creating a better, healthier planet because EVs prov

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