IRIS KOTO : Double Storey Bungalow (IRIS Rooftop)


Why is your product Green?

IRIS KOTO System is more than an IBS, it is also a smart, green, high speed, energy-efficient, sustainable, fully integrated building system for commercial, high rise, upmarket and affordable housing projects.
IRIS KOTO components are lightweight and made from fire-retardant, rigid cellular insulation and fibre-reinforced mineral composite.
This building system requires minimal tools, unskilled labour, uses far less concrete and steel, no connections or fixing and no timber form work.

Product / Service Description

What is the IRIS KOTO System?

• An Industrialised Building System (IBS)

• Fully integrated with components for all parts of the building – foundation, walls, ceilings, roofing, columns, and beams

• Full flexibility to accommodate 3rd party components (mix & match e.g. KOTO walling combined with steel trussed roofing)

• IRIS KOTO components are made of fire-retardant, rigid cellular insulation and fibre-reinforced mineral composite coating

• Environment-friendly, energy-efficient, labour-saving and affordable building system

• Suitable for affordable and up-market housing, commercial buildings, high rises, schools, swiflets house

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