GoodFeelKorea Co.,Ltd - Paper Pencil


Why is your product Green?

- Do not use any paint or bonding agents.
- Use non-toxic materials.
- Made from biodegradable corn-starch and recycled paper.

Product / Service Description

Good Feel Korea’s product do not use any paint or bonding agents, but rather, uses glue creating a safer product while maintaining a smooth grip which feature sweat absorption properties and provides a firmer grip. Innovative ideas driven from its eco-friendly concept have made the products a unique and superior, compared to other stationery products. The products only use non-toxic materials harmless to the human body and promote an Eco-Friendly life style for all. Good Feel Korea currently provides rulers and erasers made from biodegradable corn-starch, notebooks and notepads made from recycled paper, while continuing its efforts to make all stationery products more environmentally conscious.