Extrapack Ltd - Biodegradable plastic and paper bags


Why is your product Green?

Extrapack uses various materials for the production of its large range of products:
• Paper and cardboard
• Polyethylene
• Flexoseal and Bi-color
• Ecomater - compostable polymer
• Degralen and D2W
• BOPP, CPP and PET films
• Woven polypropylene
• Non-woven polypropylene
• Handles for Luxury bags
• Accessories for bags
We select high quality materials that are safe for people and animals as well as environmentally-friendly.

Product / Service Description

Plastic Bags
Luxury Plastic Bags
Courier & e-Commerce Bags
Plastic Films and Sheets
Bags and Sacks for Packaging
Machine Made Paper Bags
Paper Bags without Handles
Luxury Paper Bags
Paper Gift Boxes
Paper Cups
Non-woven PP Bags
Reusable Laminated PP Bags
Cotton Bags
Business and Event Bags
Travel Bags
Covers and Cases
Purses and organizers
Cosmetic bags