IT Procurement & Computer Recycling w/ ThrottleNet


Product / Service Description

ThrottleNet is an authorized reseller of major brand hardware for all types of industries. Partner to the top names in the technology world (Dell, Microsoft, SonicWall, Symantec and more), we deliver the most cost-effective hardware solutions that create a return on investment for your company at the lowest prices. Pair our outsourced IT support with our IT procurement capabilities and ThrottleNet can be a true IT partner for your business.

We also believe in being green and eco-friendly and are major advocates of computer recycling. We have teamed up with Spectrum eCycle here in St. Louis to properly dispose of old computer and technology equipment. As a part of your outsourced IT support team, ThrottleNet and Spectrum eCycle will fully manage the tech disposal and computer recycling process for your business, allowing the technology staff to focus on serving the core technology needs of your organization.