FONERWA, a fund to finance a green resilient Rwanda


Product / Service Description

FONERWA -- a fund to finance a green resilient Rwanda

Rwanda seems determined to avoid the adverse impacts of pollution, biodiversity loss, soil erosion or deforestation. However, following a greener development path remains a great challenge that will require huge investments to green all different sectors.

In 2012, Rwanda created FONERWA, a National Climate and Environment Fund to finance the shift to a green economy.

(Interview Alex Mulissa)
"FONERWA was designed with input with PEI to address issue of sustainable financing of poverty-environment linkages at the national and local level."

DFID made it real by supporting its creation and providing 36$ million to invest in green activities. This innovative mechanism to finance sustainability was endorsed by Rwanda's parliament and started operations in 2012.

FONERWA improves coordination and effectiveness among donors and national government to promote a sustainable future for Rwanda.

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