BuildBlock's Insulating Concrete Forms Vs Concrete Masonry Units


Product / Service Description

The creation of BuildBlock forms was focused on solving problems encountered when building ICF structures both simple and complex. BuildBlock introduced many patented features providing real practical benefits for the installer and owner. Some of those features included:
a numbered measuring system embossed on the forms face eliminating the need to measure a form before cutting;
horizontal cut lines every two inches over the height of the form to facilitate cutting in window bucks without needing a level;
High density hard attachment points marked with BB, built into the web flange for attaching bracing and heavy objects with pull strengths exceeding 450 lb. screw extraction pressures;
Web rebar fingers that would lock two steel rebar down positively in multiple locations allowing the proper flow of concrete during the pouring process;
a strong web that had 8 inch spaced web cross bars so a block could be cut in half allowing each half block to maintain the same strength both top

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