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Why is your product Green?

LRC EKO-BLOCK has received Singapore Green Label certificate as ECO-FRIENDLY BUILDING MATERIALS WITH MINIMUM 20% of RECYCLED CONTENT, which the recycled contents include:
1. Old Newspaper Waste (Processed into Cellulose Fiber)
2. Styrofoam Waste (Processed into Polystyrene Chips)
3. Coal Waste (Processed into Fly-ash).

Product / Service Description

LRC EKO-BLOCK is produced using Lightweight Re-inforced Concrete Technology that can be produced 30 times faster than typical brick walls. EKO-BLOCK is 5 times larger than typical bricks, making the installation process 5 times faster. EKO-BLOCK per meter square is 30% cheaper than conventional wall.
EKO-BLOCK product mainly recommended for wall finish is engineered to resolve problem such as fire resistant, thermal insulation, sound insulation, water resistant, termite damage and exposure to toxic chemical from formaldehyde. It can be easily installed and finished by typical wall finish. EKO-BLOCK resolves all the weaknesses of conventional lightweight block, such as cracking, not suitable for external wall and etc.

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