New Way Sidewinder : Automated Side Loader For Garbage Collection


Product / Service Description

With the New Way® Sidewinder XTR™ Automated Side Loader, efficiency is always at your side. One-operator convenience, smooth operation, a faster compaction rate than any other side loader on the market, the strongest, frame-mounted arm in the industry and a 12-foot reach on that arm combine the convenience of automated loading and the ability to maneuver in tight spaces onto an ultra-tough, overbuilt loader.

At the end of the day, the convenient features of the Sidewinder XTR are even more evident. Operators appreciate the convenience of being able to easily clean out behind the RAM with the widest opening access and largest clean-out sump in the industry. Add to that the standard rear-view camera and a two-year cylinder warranty, and you can see why the Sidewinder XTR has a solid grip on the competition.

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