paint removal using eco sodablasting


Why is your product Green?

There are countless applications where the non-abrasive, non-destructive process of soda blasting offers distinct advantages over paint stripping chemicals or abrasion based alternatives. The APT soda blasting system uses an ecologically neutral material and will not harm the substrate material.

Product / Service Description

Soda blasting is a cost effective way to quickly, safely and easily remove paint, poultice paint, varnish and unwanted coatings like graffiti from almost any surface. It is ideal for metal surface preparation such as car body paint stripping. Soda Blasting is without doubt the perfect solution for any delicate or precision applications including paint removal from listed buildings, precision engineering components, glass and stained glass, brass and marble. It is extremely gentle; it can remove paint with precision from a small can without denting the metal. There is no heat build up; therefore will not warp thin metals or plastic.