Get Up To £15,000 In Government Solar Power Incentives


Product / Service Description

Better Energy by Project Solar UK Ltd provides free, no-obligation solar advice to help you take advantage of tax-free incentives.
We have had over 90,000 applicants and we have helped some of these people find the right solar funding option in the UK: the smart way to use government backed income and energy savings to cover the cost of solar panel system installation.

The cost of energy to the UK is continually on the rise and fossil fuels are rapidly running out. Solar panels are an effective way to produce energy 365 days a year, reduce your household utility bills by up to 50% and help the environment.

With government backed feed-in-tariffs, the cost for solar panels is now more affordable than ever. Having solar panels fitted on your home is now a simple, easy and hassle-free process. Because of the easy installations, solar panels are a now a viable renewable energy option for many homeowners.