Lefdal Mine


Product / Service Description

Location matters, 25 km from Måløy, Norway (61°56′07″N 05°06′49″E) there is an old olivine mine, the Lefdal Mine. The temperature is about 8 degrees Celsius all year round and there is access to cold deep-water from a nearby fjord. Also there is access to green power in the immediate surroundings: the Mehuken windmills and the Åskora/Øksenelvane hydro power station. The site is nearby Norway`s national fiber backbone. The quality of the location in combination with the growing need for massive datacenters was the reason for Local Host to take the opportunity to invite a selection of enterprises to contribute with economic and/or technological expertise in the pilot study "Data storage in Lefdal Gruve". The pilot study is to explore the feasibility of establishing an eco-friendly datacenter with great capacity which is able to meet the need for data centers both nationally and internationally in the olivine mine of Lefdal.