Airestec Bioactive Multi-Enzyme


Why is your product Green?

Airestec Bioactive Multi-Enzymes is pH 7.0 (Neutral) and 100% Bio-degradable. Non Corrosive and Non Destructive to coils, components, rubber, plastics, and prolong equipment life. Safe for occupants & present no threat to nature, water table, eco/aqua systems, wastewater treatment plants & actually helps the environment.

Product / Service Description

Penetrates, breakdown and release bio-film (jelly) bonds, bacteria, fungal, mould & algae from any aqueous substrates and allows it to be flushed out, thereby helps to increase, extend the heat transfer, airflow at its best and bringing the system back as near as new. Guaranteed to clear blocked coils even at 12 inches thick (10 rows). Prolong bio-film formation will significantly improve IAQ.Pitting corrosion is a localised form of corrosion by which cavities or "holes" are produced in the material. Pitting is considered to be more dangerous than uniform corrosion damage because it is more difficult to detect, predict and design against.Microbial Induce Corrosion (MIC) on surfaces cost the nation billions of dollars yearly in equipment damage, product contamination, energy losses. Once anchored to a surface, bio-films (jelly) carries out a variety of detrimental effects.