HEED Microfinance - demonstration of solar panel system on Bhola Island - Bangladesh


Product / Service Description

Micro Finance Activities is one of the most powerful systems to address global poverty, and it does so in a way that builds self-esteem in the individual and self-sufficiency in the institution providing the financial services. It works in cooperation with other development interventions such as those that promote health, nutrition, democracy, and education and it offers a hand up, not a hand out. Micro Finance Activities is a financial system capable of producing a quadruple bottom line. When executed effectively, it can relieve suffering, bring dignity, become sustainable and inspire supporters.
The initiative was taken in Kamalgonj in 1978 and reviewed in 1990 with full commitment and zeal. Now we are one of the top frontline Micro inance implementers in Bangladesh.
At the initial stage members would save and deposit their money in the bank in their own accounts. Sometimes members would take loans from their savings. It was actually a "People Managed Credit Program."