D-TWELVE LAMP on Kickstarter


Why is your product Green?

D-TWELVE is the revolutionary LED lighting system created to suit your changing needs thanks to its magnetic connections. With less than 5 watts per module D-TWELVE is a high energy efficient lamp and unlike many lamps on the market, the LED can be easily replaced just by opening the acrylic glass and unscrewing it. The light source used is produced by Philips Lumiled. This is one of the most advanced LED due to its high lumen density and its low energy consumption.

Product / Service Description

Each module is dodecahedron-shaped and has three magnetized sides that allow the connection between the modules and the passage of current from one to another. Thanks to this innovative solution just one of the modules needs to be connected to the power grid. The magnets' radial arrangement makes the modules snap-in rotatable so the light can be easily directed as one wishes.