Koyo Sangyo: Neofade - Advanced damping material


Product / Service Description

Neofade is a damping material made from functional resin. Neofade can prevent noise / vibration occuring from a device comfortable space.

● Materials are selectable depending on temperature range and target frequency.
● Thermoplastic resin - injection molding is possible
● Eco-friendly damping material - Compliant with RoHS directive, and non-polyvinyl chloride

● noise control and vibration damping of home electric appliance (ex. vacuum cleaner, washing machine, diswashing machine and air-conditioner.)
● reducing driving sound of the precision electronic equipment (ex. PC, OA device and medical equipment)
● damping drive sound and impact of industrial equipment
● reducing extra load and improving hit feeling by using for sporting goods ( ex. Racket, gold club, and etc.)