Environmentally Friendly Sustainable Floor Care | Avmor's line of EcoPure Floor Cleaning Products


Product / Service Description

Over the past decade, the concept of "Going Green" has taken the industry by
storm, transforming views and attitudes about cleaning. For an industry many
perceived as being stuck in the past and slow to adapt to change, it has
experienced an invigorating makeover. Going Green has been arguably the
number one trend in the cleaning industry -- and it shows no signs of slowing
down. As more people are becoming aware of the hazardous chemicals used in
conventional cleaning and their impact on health and the environment, the
demand for Green Floor Care is growing stronger than ever.

Consider all the 'comings' and 'goings' in any building facility and their
corresponding impact on floor finishes: all the gritty dirt, grime, salt and calcium
build‐up, small stones, mud and outdoor allergens that are being tracked in
from the outside. Moreover, pollutants are known to aggravate asthma and
trigger allergic reactions.

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