YUDIAN Automation - Supplier of Leading Technology in Temperature-control and Energy-efficiency


Product / Service Description

In the pursuit of perfection, YUDIAN focuses on every detail of the products, so that the quality exceeds customer expectations.

Never-ending Improvement
Pursuit in Perfection

Over the past 20 years, YUDIAN focuses on the development and sales of high-tech energy saving temperature controlling and monitoring technology and products.

Adhering to the virtue of “Never-ending Improvement, Pursuit in Perfection”, YUDIAN continuously innovates and seeks breakthrough, with a number of the world's first technology to bring many technological revolution in the instrumentation industries

launched the modularization technology in instruments that dramatically increase the variety of functions and options that an instrument can offer.

YUDIAN self-developed AI artificial intelligence algorithms to achieve precise control without overshooting and undershooting, reaching the advanced world level in respect of the algorithm.