Industrial WasteWater treatment from heavy metals at GlobeCore AVS-150


Product / Service Description

The electromagnetic units with ferromagnetic elements are designed for intensification of various chemical and physical properties.

The intensification of processes inside the electromagnetic vortex layer system (EVLS) occurs due to the intensive mixing and dispersion of components, subjected to acoustic and electromagnetic influence, extreme local pressure and electrolysis.
The units can be applied with efficiency in many industries: construction, engineering, chemical, agricultural, food production, mining and pharmaceutical. The primary applications are production of multi-component suspensions and emulsions, acceleration of creating finely dispersed mixtures, activation of both dry and liquid materials, complete purification of industrial waste water from phenol, formaldehyde, heavy metals, arsenic and cyanide compounds.
Maximum rate of waste water purification: 20m3
Maximum rate of suspension production: 15 m3
Maximum power consumption: 9.5 kW