Ground solar mounting with C-Steel


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Type: Ground solar mounting with C-Steel
Installation site: Open field ground
Material: Q 235 B
Fasten material: Stainless steel
Anticorrosive: Hot-dip galvanized
Survival Wind Speed: < 50m/s
Design Snow load: Up to 1.4KN/ Square meters
Solar panel type: Framed or Frameless
Panel Orientation: Transverse or vertical
Design Standard: AS/NZS 1170 & DIN 1055& Other
Quality warranty: 10 years
Duration: More than 20 years
Delivery time: 7-15 days
Package: Carton box,wooden/steel pallet
Keystone provides patented, high-quality and cost-effective C-steel ground solar mounting systems for commercial solar PV projects.
This Ground Mounting System is application for the large commercial and utility scale PV system on a non-sandy ground. It is suitable for the framed or frame-less module installation. For Keystone Pile Ground Mounting System, C Post can be pile into the ground 1~2meters by Pile Machine quickly, then you can mount the pre-assembly beam structure, the rail and the

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