Certified Computer Recycling in Laval - What is the procedure?


Product / Service Description

Our goal is to become the number one IT, computer and electronic material collector in Montreal. Therefore, our aim is to offer IT and computer recycling that is environmentally safe by making sure we adhere to the highest standards.

There are many areas near you to drop off the recyclable items: Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Quebec, etc. Free and quick pick up service at your location, it is safe and eco-friendly! The recycled IT and computer material that is no longer possible to repair, or which is too old, will be disassembled, shredded and melted by high performance machinery in order to make use of the metals and use them as raw materials (iron, copper,aluminium, gold…). This has for effect to greatly reduce the quantity of waste that would have otherwise been left out in waste landfills!

Recyclable material: computers, printers, accessories, screens, laptops, electronic devices, etc.