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Advantage Power® is a business in the Innovative eMarketing Pty Ltd group of mostly online businesses.
The ACN for Innovative eMarketing (IeM) is 133 012 129 and the corporate website is . IeM specialises is developing business partnerships and providing the online marketing for them, however, some of IeM's businesses also develop products and maintain their own product brands with AdvantageLife® Health and Beauty Products being a good example of this. IeM is a private company that is based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. It buys, sells, and markets nationally and internationally depending on the products and markets. As IeM grows it is planned to increase the company developed products and maintain its membership with the Australia Made Campaign. Lance Bleakley (BICT) is the Founding Director.
In the tradition of a number of the IeM businesses, Advantage Power® has partnered with a high quality hybrid power system supplier called Solafied® Pty Ltd (ACN: 607164296), an Australian registered company, to conduct their online marking so that they can concentrate on what they do best. Solafied® research, supply, deliver, install, test, and provide the warranties for the alternative power systems that Advantage Power® markets. IeM via Advantage Power® and Solafied® have an agreement that all of the leads are processed through Advantage Power® including leads Solafied® generates.
Due to the large area we service, Solafied® approves, contracts out to, and monitors experienced certified installers for our power systems. Any leads that they generated are also processed via the Advantage Power® website so do not be surprised if a business with different name or individual points you in the direction of this site.
To simplify things for our customers, registering at any of our online stores automatically gives you access to all of our stores using your same login credentials without the need to reregister at any of the other sites. For example, if you submit an Expression Of Interest Form at Advantage Power, you then have an account at where you can purchase LED lighting to save on power. Subscribing to the News Letter is a great way to discover what else you have access to as part of the group, hear what is new, be notified of specials, to receive more interesting articles, and to learn how you can share in the business yourself. Our promotion/advertising model is largely based on paying people such as you for successful referrals and we are proud of this.
Advantage Power® in IeM is and innovative business model that is all about creating win-win-win relationships. We hope that you enjoy your experience with us and to also develop a long term relationship.

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