A-Tech Consulting Inc.

A-Tech Consulting Inc.

n 2002, Robert and Casandra Williams founded A-Tech Consulting, Inc. based on the principle that each client should have access to cost-effective, environmental compliance. Mr. Williams’ career in the environmental industry began in 1988. Throughout his career he observed both the strengths and weaknesses of services being provided to consumers in the environmental industry. Mr. Williams desired to create a corporation that valued a team approach to services for its clients. Mr. Williams’ vision was to provide full spectrum environmental consulting services that are cutting edge in both technology and customer service and to provide reports in a clear format designed to inform the client rather than confuse them. For A-Tech Consulting it is all about providing a level of service that educates and assists our clients that guides them through regulatory requirements. Reliability is also a priority and when our clients call with a disaster emergency, we respond immediately and effectively. From providing a limited survey report, to coordinating a full-scale emergency response team, A-Tech is about setting an exceptional standard of service for each and every one of our clients that is unparalleled in our industry. In April of 2002, our first four clients that believed in what we could do and supported us in our initial steps of forming a corporation are still our clients today. We truly value the relationship with both our flagship clients, as well as the numerous other relationships we have built throughout the years. We personally care about the success of their projects and give all our efforts into our work.

Our philosophy, “we are a team”, is just as important internally as it is with our clients. The humble beginning of a husband and wife with a truck, a computer, and a dream, has evolved into a rapidly growing and thriving family business. It was Robert’s network of friends and industry colleagues that supported us in ways that shaped our corporate family philosophy. We can remember our earliest days when we set out to make our dream a reality and as word got out, people showed up at our front door and contributed with things we hadn’t shared with others that we needed. This early, unsolicited support humbled us in a way that has caused us to never take anything we do or have for granted and always serves as a reminder to be a family to others the way others have been family to us. Creating lasting relationships with our clients has become the cornerstone of our success.

Well into our second decade of business, A-Tech has grown into a leading brand in the industry that is known for its reliability, technology, staff, and state-of-the-art equipment. Two-thirds of A-Tech Consulting employees are part of the Williams family that all share in the “do whatever it takes” philosophy. The team members who do not share our last name are an integral part of our A-Tech family and have their areas of uniqueness that contributes to our diversity and growth. The A-Tech founders are leaders who set the example and believe in mentoring and coaching the strengths of every member in our team. We believe that A-Tech Consulting would not be where it is today without the contribution of each one of its employees, past and present, and will only continue to grow with the unique contributions of future members. For each of us at A-Tech it’s not just a company, it is family.

A-Tech is a part of a growing network and an ecosystem of clients, staff, vendors, and family that can mutually contribute to each other’s successes. Whether it is the clients that we partner with, the vendors that provide us unique services, or the A-Tech team members we work with every day, we appreciate every connection we have with those around us and consider each connection a member of our growing family. Founders Robert and Casandra Williams have appreciation for all those that contribute to our success and we know that we would not have been able to do this without you.

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