The EcoCaffe Company Pty Ltd

The ecoCaffe Company is a 100% Australian owned company that exclusively distributes the Ethical Coffee Company espresso's in biodegradable coffee capsules for Australian consumers.

Ethical Coffee Company is a Swiss company, established in 2008 by its CEO, Jean-Paul Gaillard, who, in 2010, began producing and marketing patented biodegradable coffee capsules in France that are compatible with Nespresso®* machines.

By providing the next generation of totally biodegradable capsules, Ethical Coffee Company is revolutionising the coffee capsule market, laying claim to a strong, environmentally friendly approach and committing to real sustainable development. Ethical Coffee Company capsules are compliant with the strict EN13432 biodegradable standards and fully biodegrade within 180 days.

Our coffees are carefully selected and roasted using traditional methods, to the highest quality standards and our capsules are compatible with most Nespresso®* machines. The result is a first-rate espresso that respects the best Italian traditions.

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