EcoViso focuses its work on empowerment and environmental education and action.

The working fields are primarily ecological agriculture, transportation, energy efficiency, renewable energies, consumer awareness, urban/rural development and resource flows.

The biggest challenge of the 21st century for our society and economy will be to enable happy and fulfilled lives with much less energy in form of fossil fuels. Peak Oil, Climate change and other negative aspects on humanity will force us to. In industry, agriculture or life styles Moldova is starting a transition period towards more resilience.

The pre-conditions for Moldova’s transition period are not bad: Soil and climate advantages allowed Moldova to be the fruit and vegetable garden of the soviet union, polluting heavy industry has not been settled. At the same time in the last decades Moldova has become more and more dependent on energy, gas and other products from outside. In the 90s our economy collapsed and many capable people are still leaving our country.

In all parts of our society we need people that share our positive vision of our country: Ecological agriculture, recycling, more trees to keep our soils, renewable energies, lower energy consumption, more leisure time, healthier and regional food and so on.

EcoVisio connects people that want to work on a common vision for our little country. We train people and provide them with instruments to achieve little projects in their neighborhoods or villages. We share information about the situation of our planet and start own projects. We will be very happy if you share a bit of our vision and get in contact with us.

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