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Green Safe Products is a Detroit-based business focused on providing eco-friendly alternatives to oil-based disposable products. With our efficient, biodegradable restaurant supplies, Michigan business owners can lead the community in going green. Our products are made from renewable resources such as corn, sugarcane, and biomass. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a numerous and diverse selection of environmentally responsible products. We encourage our customers to choose earth friendly alternatives whenever possible. We are committed to delivering high quality, earth friendly products at the most competitive prices.

The History of Green Safe Products starts with the beginning of our sister company in Detroit, Recycle Here! Detroit was the largest city in the United States without a municipal recycling program. Recycle Here! developed a drop off recycling program for Detroit residents to bring their household recycling items. This program has become a community gathering place by helping to recycle at community events, educating visitors on the importance of recycling, and even developing a non-profit organization called Green Living Science which is focused on teaching Detroit Public School students about garbage and the environment.

This role in the community is what led to the creation of Green Safe Products. Large events and festivals in and around the city began to look for ways they could better control the waste that was being created at their events. Recycling is often difficult in this type of setting because of the scale and diversity of products being used. Greater waste is produced by using non-natural business and green restaurant supplies; Michigan companies can change that. In response to this problem, Green Safe was created to offer petroleum-free, compostable, disposable products in order to reduce environmental impact and provide an easier way to manage the waste stream.

Today we work with more than 300 businesses, hospitals, and universities throughout the Metro Detroit area and across the country who are committed to developing practices that focus on sustainability. These practices are important to their clients and customers, who are interested in supporting businesses that are taking similar environmental initiatives as they are in their own lives.

In order to provide the opportunity to manage our products throughout their life, Green Safe is proud to be working with a composting facility to start a pilot program to offer compost pickup to their customers. This is very exciting because we now are able complete the full circle of the life of our products and green restaurant supplies. Business owners and residents, please contact us for more information if you are in the Detroit area and are interested in becoming a zero waste operation!

Since the company was founded four years ago, we have grown into a successful business that provides a diverse line of over 200 compostable products to the foodservice industry and beyond. Because we focus on providing eco-friendly, biodegradable restaurant supplies, Michigan business owners can go green as well.

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