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It is the mission of CAMSS Shelters to design, engineer and manufacture the best shelters and structures in the world. We provide our users shelters with the best combination of convenient transport and fast set up with durability and ruggedness.

The leaders at CAMSS Shelters have over 100 years of combined experience in making our shelters the lightest and most compact to transport, quickest to set up, strongest to endure the elements, easiest and most efficient to heat and cool and most durable to sustain over the long haul. We like what we do.

As you review our product offerings on this web site, you will see our rich history of design, engineering and testing resulting in a wide array of standard shelters with standard packaged accessories. You will see in our videos a sampling of the extreme testing we do to achieve reliability and excellence in our products.

CAMSS Shelters is privileged to serve a wide spectrum of users throughout the world as you may see in our sample contracts listings. In addition to our standard shelters, we offer many unique shelter solutions. We are eager to assist you in choosing the best shelter and accessories for your needs and supporting you in your mission.

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